On Deck Cup Rules

The On Deck Cup hackathon challenge is being held to inspire developers in the sports and technology industries to enhance the sports fan experience. We believe that bringing together creative and talented developers across the country will spark innovative ideas that can change the sports technology industry. The On Deck Cup hackathon challenge will be a series of exciting events where developers can meet and build amazing things that shake up the way all sports fans experience the things they love.

The On Deck Cup Hackathon challenge rules listed below are the same for all four events being held in New York, Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles and allow all participants an equal opportunity to succeed and win.

1. Fresh Code

Everyone must start coding at the same time when their respective hackathon kicks off. Prior to the start of each hackathon participants may work on ideas and mockups but no coding is permitted beforehand. Once your On Deck Cup hackathon challenge starts you may begin hacking.

2. Code Check

Each winning team will have their project reviewed to ensure that everything submitted was built at their hackathon. We’re working on an honor system but a little refereeing is necessary to ensure fair competition.

3. Hack Freely

We want to everyone to build great things. Use any and all skills that you have to build the best things possible. We aren’t setting any limitations on what teams can and cannot build so don’t hold back.

4. Data

Participants may choose to work with any data sets and information that they would like. We have provided an in-depth resources page for participants to work with but aren’t limiting participants to this data.

5. Ownership

All participants have complete ownership of everything they build at their On Deck Cup hackathon challenge. We want to inspire great things for the fans, not for us.

6. Team Size

Feel free to work in teams of any size. Work alone, work with one friend, or work with ten others, whatever it takes.

7. What to Build

Build something that enhances the sports fan experience. Interpret this however you would like, we just want to see great things.

8. Submissions

Each team will be required to present their project at the end of their respective hackathon. Be sure to build something you can present and explain to the judges and other hackers at the end of your hackathon.

9. Fun

We want this to be a fun event that is inspiring and innovative. We hope that everyone is able to meet the people they hope to meet, build the things that they want to build, and are inspired by the things they see.